Art and Language Workshops for all ages

Apprendimento creativo e linguistico per tutte le età 

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art workshops 2020 art workshops 2020 Adult Art Courses 206284110 English Classes 206284111 Art and English Courses for English Learners and English Speakers 206284112 Reading Club for Kids Storytelling Confidence Building Read at your own pace with a mother tongue teacher book your time slot for individual lessons Divided by age and level for English Learners and English Speakers 206284113 School Art and Language Projects Interdisciplinary courses for English Learners personalized projects for Schools Elementary, Middle and Lyceum 206284114 Art Workshops for Adults and Art Students 206284115 Art, History and Language Projects weekend practical workshops for children to consolidate their learning in History and English. Art in the Park Project coming soon! 206284116 Egyptians project 206284117 Experimental Printmaking 206284119 Egyptians Project 206284118